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We’re a couple of passionate soles, dedicated to carrying the most exclusive WINES

A descendant of winemakers from generation to generation for over two centuries, I grew up on one of the oldest family estates. From a very young age I was attracted to the vineyards as well as to the winery.
Already as a child, where the highlights of the year of my little friends were the Big summer holidays and Christmas, for me it was the harvest.
I expressed my desire to become an oenologist at a young age, a profession that was unknown and still “confidential” at the time.
After graduating as an Oenologist in 2003, I completed my training with a year in Commercial Management DESS, in order to accomplish my project: become a winemaker.
In 2004, I joined the family business and over the years added the experience that developed my skills.

In 2015, I started by buying a vineyard in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and by building my cellar, I created the Château D'Anielle. Name I chose in honor of my father Daniel who first passed on to me the passion for wine.
That same year, I met, as I was just coming out of my first harvest, the man of my life who is none other than my husband today.
He quickly became interested and also quickly understood that being a winegrower is a profession of passion. He supported me from the start.

It is naturally that today we form a team in all aspects of our life and that we embark together on this great adventure.

Vanessa Albessard Aubert
Vanessa Eddy Albessard Aubert
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